Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Catalina ride? We hold it every year in the fall or spring.

Can anyone attend the Catalina ride? No, The Catalina ride is for adult horsewomen, 21 and over. Also, in order to attend, a new rider must be sponsored by an existing member.

Why do new riders need a sponsor? A sponsor acts like a big sister to introduce new riders to the group. The sponsor is also familiar with the trails and rules of riding on Catalina. We want to make sure new riders are well prepared for the challenging island experience.

How can I get a sponsor? The easiest way to get a sponsor is if you know someone in Las Caballeras who will sponsor you. If you don’t know a member, we hold rides on the mainland during the year where you could meet some of our members and find a sponsor. We also have a lot of members throughout California and in other states. We may be able to put you in contact with a member in your area for a possible sponsorship. Email us at

Are the mainland rides for women only? No, many of our members bring their husbands or friends on the mainland rides.

How many girls go on the Catalina ride? We normally have around 50 girls, with a cutoff at 60. Registration is on a first come-first served basis, with priority given to members.
How do I get a ride application? You can get an application from your sponsor or one is available as a download from our website approximately 2 months before the ride.

How much does the Catalina ride cost? We are a non-profit corporation, so there is no profit figured into our ride fee. Expenses per rider vary based on barge fees, fuel charges, food and feed costs, etc. For that reason, we are unable to come up with a set figure until approximately two months before the ride. 

What is a FYG? A FYG (pronounced fig) is a First Year Guest.
What is a SYG? A SYG is a Second Year Guest. FYGs graduate into SYGs, and SYGs graduate into members. You are not a member until your third ride. Once you are a member, you can invite a FYG.
How do you get to the island? The horses and all the equipment needed for the ride are transported by barge to the island in horse trailers provided by the ride. Our ride vet and ride manager travel with the horses. The riders travel by boat to the island.

What kind of activities are there on the Catalina ride? We start off with a mixer on opening night to help everyone get to know each other before the ride begins. We offer multiple trail options based on the experience and comfort level of our riders and horses, with an emphasis on having fun, but doing it safely. We have guitar music around the campfire, and a “Free Day” where riders can stay in camp, lay on the beach, go for a ride, etc. We have the one and only "No Talent" Talent Show. We also have a silent auction. For an additional fee, we offer Cowgirl Camp at Blackjack. Our ride is totally customizable. If you want to ride a lot and rest a little, you can. If you want to ride a little and rest a lot, you can do that too.

What is the food like? Sit back and relax ladies…our ride is fully catered. The food is delicious…and nutritious. We have light and healthy breakfasts and special dietary requests can be submitted before the Ride. Our lunches vary from a packed lunch on the trail to a scrumptious taco salad and more. Our dinners begin with appetizers during cocktail hour, followed by a delicious entree and a mouthwatering desert.

Will I have “hat hair” for the entire week? We're glad you asked. Although we are at a remote campsite on the beach, we bring in trailers with hot showers, and our generators provide electricity during the day for blow dryers and cell phone chargers.

Is it true you have massage therapists on the ride? Yes, this has become one of our popular extras. After a long day in the saddle, many of the girls like to schedule an appointment for a foot massage and pedicure, or a full body massage with one of our massage therapists.
Do I have to bring a lot of fancy riding clothes? No, just dress sensibly. Most of the girls wear jeans, or riding pants and riding boots, and a riding helmet or hat. We include a packing list in our ride packet, with recommendations on which clothes, camping gear and horse equipment to bring.
What happens to my horse, when I’m not riding? The horses are kept on a picket, or tie line. Our experienced wranglers take very good care of them.
My horse is on a special feeding supplement, will he be able to receive it during the ride? Yes, if you bring it with you. You can either instruct the wranglers on how to feed it, or do it yourself.
Is there a farrier on the ride? No. We recommend that you have your horse shod two weeks before the ride. Catalina Island is rocky with lots of hills, dirt roads and trails. If your horse has tough hooves and is used to going barefoot, we recommend your horse’s hooves are in good shape and that you bring easy boots in case you need them during the ride.
My horse is recovering from an injury, and may not be sound in time for the ride. Are there rental horses available? Ladies who have ridden but don't currently have a horse to ride are welcome to join us. Good sensible trail horses are available to rent for the week at an additional cost. This must be arranged for prior to the beginning of the ride.
I don't really know anyone. Will it be difficult to meet other girls? You will meet a great variety of interesting ladies from all walks of life. Hours spent on the boat, the trail and in camp make for sharing time, and the many activities and events encourage interaction. If you are a FYG, you will have a FYG Mom to welcome and guide you. The Las Caballeras ladies who return year after year will become friends and mentors ~ they are a GREAT group.
Is there medical care available in the event of an emergency? Yes, there are Los Angeles County Baywatch paramedics, a small hospital in the nearby town of Avalon, and a helicopter ambulance service available if needed for an emergency.
Can I get prescriptions filled on the island? Our campsite is on a remote beach on the back side of the island. We recommend that you bring any medications that you might need with you.

If I am asked to be a member, is there a membership fee? Yes, our annual club dues are $95 per year.

Are there membership privileges? Yes, membership definitely has its privileges. Members receive an annual ride book, with photos and contact information of all our members, photos of the previous year's ride, and information on the island. They receive a e-newsletter, and discounts on the Spring Ride and logowear.
I’ve seen Las Caballeras pins. How can I get one? They are available as a gift to riders on the Catalina ride, and they change each year, in keeping with the ride theme and ride color. Each rider receives a ride gift pack, which contains that year’s ride pin and tee shirt, a ride book, a ride nametag, and a ride gift.
Is there someone I can contact for more information? Yes, you can send us an email from the Contact page. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, usually within 24 hours.
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We are privileged to be able to enjoy the Catalina ride as guests of the Santa Catalina Island Company and the Catalina Island Conservancy.